All is full of love-Memories

As the Moon was sinking
behind tall buildings of small city,
listening to "All is full of love"
you ate my heart, in one peace.

When it slid down your throat
you felt my heartbeats whispering,
and my soul spreading silently
throughout your whole body.

Lanterns from your eyes
showed me the way to your heart,
to the core of your soul,
to the music of your life.

Bodies were lying,
connected here and there,
but souls were dancing,
dance, more passionate than ever.

Your thoughts were captured
and held inside that room,
but the walls were broken
by some fears of your own.

Though, my thoughts were rising
towards the sky,
higher than a moon,
higher than a stars.

I felt the Universe circling
around auras of our love,
that i felt for the first time.

I felt universal love,
so strong,
so real and tangible,
and I felt it with you.

Now go, farewell
you beautiful golden bird,
fly high, fly far,
touch another universes and another souls
and as we meet in next life
we shall share the love again.

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