For him

I hear the clock ticking on my side, and with every strike my heart cracks a bit. ''Bit by bit'' they say, and it's true, bit by bit it fails to beat. I've never seen your eyes, have never felt your skin of smelled your hair but I've always known that you were the one. These lines have no purpose now that you're gone, but they were written and they still are where they are. So am I, here, where I was, waiting for you. Even thou I know that you will never come back, I'll believe that you will as long as I'm alive. You said "love will keep us alive'' but I guess that love however is not the strongest force of them all. Sometimes it is but sometimes it's just not. I will write to you now and these will be my last words for you, but will not be the end of my hope. People say that hope dies last, and I also think the same. My hope will die even after my death. My hope for our moments spent together, our hands holding each other and our hearts joined in eternity. Believe me that you, real or unreal, were the special person in my life, and you always will be. Words are easily becoming empty and sufficient, and my red eyes are soon going to be too tired to cry more. That's why these words are going to be the last ones. You promised to me that you'll make it and be with me, even for just 2 days.  If you decide to show up one rainy day, I'll be there as I promised, with my hands shaking and cheeks blushing. Oh yes, and in every person till the rest of my life I will search for you. Good bye my angel and stay calm wherever you are. Love you!

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